About Us

Why we exist:

The Chief Michael Maloney Memorial Fund provides charitable services to the Seacoast of New Hampshire's First Responders and is dedicated to fostering public safety through community enrichment projects, education and outreach.

We are a charitable, tax-exempt, 501(c)3 organization, headquartered in New Hampshire, dedicated to promoting the philosophy, professionalism and moral code exhibited by Chief Michael Maloney, who was killed in the line of duty in April 2012.

We started this memorial fund for a number of reasons, most importantly because of what we learned when the Chief died. When a first responder passes away there is a sizeable gap, in some cases months, between that day and when the insurance money starts to arrive. And in those days and weeks it’s hard to focus on anything but your grief. We didn’t want one more family to feel that way, so the Chief Maloney Fund is there, check in hand, so that the families of the fallen don’t have to worry about the mortgage, or the credit card bill. They can focus on simply getting through the day, because sometimes that’s all you’re able to do. We get it and we’ve got you.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to provide relief for the distressed members, spouses and children of New England Public Safety members who have been killed or injured in the line of duty. Such relief may take the form of direct financial assistance to the victim or victim’s survivors, including but not limited to, educational and vocational assistance.

In addition, we may award scholarship grants to deserving students who exemplify the qualities of dedication to community service and leadership.

Further, we may award grants to Seacoast Public Safety agencies for equipment and training purposes.

Finally, and in keeping with the Chief’s interest in community enrichment, we may award Seacoast communities’ grants for the aforementioned goals. To apply for a grant or scholarship, please click here.

Board of Directors:

Consisting largely of former Law Enforcement and first responder personnel from the Seacoast area, the Board brings a deep sense of community and civic pride to the fund and strives to honor the memory of the Chief in all its endeavors.

Dawn Sawyer, President

Dawn Sawyer retired from the Greenland Police Department as a decorated police Lieutenant. A resident of the Seacoast area, Dawn currently works as an investigator for the Federal government. Dawn grew up in Londonderry, NH, (when it was more apple orchards than businesses) and began her career in law enforcement in 1993 at the North Hampton Police Department, with Chief Maloney as her Sergeant. There, she obtained the position of Detective and then department prosecutor. In 1995, Dawn came to Greenland as a patrol officer and was promoted to Lieutenant.

Dawn is a resident of Stratham and can often be found playing chauffer to her teen daughter’s many activities. She volunteers for three dog rescue groups, specializing in German Shepherds and she still finds time to her ride her horse.

Dawn brings a down-to-earth sense of community and a deep knowledge of outreach programs to the Chief Michael Maloney Memorial Fund.

Tim Maloney, Vice President

Tim Maloney is the Senior Vice President of World-Wide Channels and Americas sales for a large software company, headquartered in Austin, TX. Previously, Tim held executive positions at Fortune 500 companies, was responsible for a $70 million business managing a team of 54 global individuals. Over the past decade, Tim has authored global sales strategy, overseen numerous mergers and acquisitions and has received the national CEOs award for excellence five times.

Tim holds both a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the Military College of Vermont, Norwich University. Also a native of New Hampshire, Tim is married with one child and is the younger, better looking brother of Chief Maloney. Tim and his family recently relocated from Chicago to Stratham, NH.

Krista Butts, Secretary

Krista Butts is a special needs professional in the Oyster River school district. She is also an animal educator and business development manager for Wildlife Encounters, a local organization focused on community education based around live-animal presentations. Krista graduated from Moravian College (Bethlehem, PA) in 1996 with a BS in Biology and then earned her MS in Management & Organization from Antioch New England Graduate School.

Krista brings a strong history of community business relations and real life married-to-a-cop experience to our board of directors. She and her husband Jeff reside on the Seacoast with their three boys.

When she’s not wrestling an alligator or refereeing, Krista enjoys being outside with her family.

Jeff Peirce, Treasurer

Jeff began his successful law enforcement career in 1981 when he joined the Rye Police Department and the Portsmouth Police Auxiliary. He became a full-time officer with Rye in 1986 and worked his way up the ranks, reaching Sergeant. Jeff first met Chief Maloney in the early years of their law enforcement careers. In fact, Jeff was the Chief's first field training officer.

When Chief Maloney became Chief of the Greenland Police Department, he asked Jeff to join him once again and in the year 2000, Jeff became a part time officer for his department.

Retiring after 28 years of service in June 2013, Jeff remains committed to his community and serves as a part time office to both Rye and the Greenland Police Department. Jeff earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Keene State College and is a firearms instructor, with a lifetime membership to the NH Police Association.

Fun fact: Jeff is a Justice of the Peace, a Notary, and has performed several weddings. Jeff lives in Stratham, NH with his wife and their dog, Fenway. He has four adult children and four grandchildren.

Contributing Members:

Bob Lukacz

Rich Sawyer

Ralph Cresta